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EU Commission statement on fire safety

The European Commissioner for Industry, Elżbieta Bieńkowska, made a statement on fire safety in buildings to the European Parliament on 13th September, following the Grenfell Tower fire London.

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French Government announces tighter fire

Following the London Grenfell tower fire, the French Government ordered an initial report into fire safety in housing buildings. Based on this report’s initial conclusions, the Government has recognised the need to reinforce fire safety regulations in French buildings, in particular those undergoing renovations, and has announced that regulatory changes will be engaged rapidly.

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UK drops plans to relax school fire safety

Following the Grenfell Tower fire, the UK government is said to have abandoned plans to deregulate school fire safety requirements in order to save costs, which had been submitted to consultation last year (Draft Guidance on Fire Safety in Schools).

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First lessons from Grenfell Tower fire

Following the tragic London Grenfell Tower fire of June 14, in which at least 79 people died, actions are underway to try to prevent such a disaster happening again.

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First lessons from Grenfell Tower fire

On request of a major international furniture producer (“first mover”), the Federation of European Union Fire Officer Associations (FEU) has carried out an expert assessment and published an opinion on test methods which the firefighters consider necessary to improve survivability of furniture fires.

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380 000 residential fires per year in the USA

The US Fire Administration has published four reports on residential fires 2013-2015, showing that some 380 000 home fires occurred annually, killing nearly 2700 civilians per year and injuring 12 000.

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pinfa input to Construction Products consultation

pinfa submitted input to the European Commission’s public consultation on possible modification or downgrade of the Construction Products Regulation (CPR).

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Fire-safe cigarettes may not be effective

A new study assesses implementation of legislation requiring fire-safe (low ignition propensity - LIP) cigarettes (see also pinfa Newsletter 56), looking at available statistics and studies on effectiveness in preventing fires and testing of such cigarettes as placed on the market.

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Clariant PIN FR solution for external applications

Clariant’s new nitrogen-based flame retardant for polyolefin offers both fire safety and UV protection for outdoor applications, in particular roofing.

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CEN launches standards work on chemicals in products

The European Standards organisation CEN has launched a project to develop a new CEN Guide to support standards work (CEN Technical Committees) on how to develop requirements in product standards which will contribute to minimise the use of hazardous chemicals, and so reduce health and environmental risks related to exposure to these chemicals.