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Consumers call for EU action on fire safety

The European association for the coordination of consumer representation in standardisation (ANEC) has called for a coordinated approach to fire safety in the EU:

Human cost of fires in Canada: 400 million €/year

Studies in Canada estimate the human cost of residential fires over 14 years (1998 – 2012) at 7.6 billion CAD (nearly 400 million €/year), including value of potential years of life lost (PYLL), fire victim patient treatment, rehabilitation, transport and property loss.

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Smoke alarms could have prevented 40% of fire deaths

144 non-intentional fires which led to deaths in Swedish homes were analysed, based on assessing the chain of events which led to the death: heat source, ignition of first object, fire growth and spread, evacuation initiated, final consequences.

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Eco Red ShieldTM achieves Class A timber fire safety

Eco Building Products, Inc., California, has achieved fire test UL723/ASTM E-84 (flame spread index < 25, progression < 10.5 feet, in an extended 20 minute test time) for Eastern Spruce (SPF) and Douglas Fir treated with the company’s PIN (phosphorus, inorganic, nitrogen) Eco Red Shield TM coating.

Identification of VOCs in house fire smoke

A house due for demolition was used to carry out 13 room fire tests: 2 with kitchen cooking oil, 7 with a burning sofa and 4 in furnished rooms (2 kitchen, 2 sofa in lounge).

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Improving PIN FR polyethylene compounds for cables

Dow Corning have launched a new polyethylene MB25-502 Masterbatch for production of non-halogen flame retardant cables, wires and jacketing.

Non-migrating PIN FR for polycarbonate

A US patent assigned to PolyOne, Ohio, is published for a phosphorus-mineral flame retardant for polycarbonate, formed by reacting in situ (within the polymer) a phosphorus compound (alkyl-functional phenoxyphosphazene) and a silicon compound (hydride-functional siloxane).

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Toxicity of smoke in car fire

A full scale fire test was carried out in a 1989-built 4-seater car, from which fuel and lubricants had been removed. The car was ignited by placing a burning pan of 12l of fuel by the front right tyre. After 2 minutes, the front of the car was completely engulfed in flames.

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Call for an EU fire safety strategy

Fifteen industry, consumer and fire fighter organisations have published a policy paper calling for “a fire safety strategy for Europe”.