iNEMI 2017 RM

iNEMI Publishes the 2017 Roadmap

The 2017 Roadmap from the International Electronics Manufacturing Initiative (iNEMI) is now available online. This latest edition is the consortium’s largest roadmap to date (28 chapters and 2000+ pages) and the most comprehensive of all the industry roadmaps, covering the full electronics manufacturing supply chain.

pinfa79 TMP

Pinfa – TMP Italy workshop on E&E polymers

Milan, 23rd February 2017. The joint workshop organised by the Italian Technical Plastics Materials industry association (TMP) and pinfa brought together ca. 80 fire fighters, E&E manufacturers, fire safety and regulatory experts and polymer compounders.

pinfa79 inno spotlight

Innovation Spotlight webinar highlights PIN FRs

The Green Chemistry and Commerce Council (GC3) brings together over 100 companies and organisations working on sustainable chemistry across sectors and supply chains. The GC3 webinar of 2nd March 2017 discussed “Greener Flame Retardants”, targeting retailers and product end users.

Titanate for PIN FR cable insulation

A US patent application proposes a combination of a phosphorus flame retardant, silica and organo-titanate compounds to achieve fire performance in thermoplastic polyolefins for data communication cable insulation. The patent application claims that fire and smoke standards NFPA 262, UL 910, UL 1666 and UL 1685 can be achieved.

Sixteen killed in Hungarian coach fire

Sixteen people, including many children, died and forty were injured when a coach carrying students from Hungary hit a pillar and caught fire near Verona, Italy, on 21st January. A truck driver is reported to have seen black smoke coming from the rear of the Setra S317 GT-HD coach before it collided with a crash barrier, hit a bridge pylon and then caught fire.

pinfa79 car fire

Deaths from vehicle fires after road accidents

A report from SP Sweden (now RISE) assesses data on fatalities due to post-collision fires in road vehicles, based on data from Sweden, the USA and the UK. The data suggest that around 5% of road accident deaths are caused by fire in all of these countries.

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1.3 million fires per year in the USA

Nearly 1.3 million fires needing fire service intervention occurred in the US in 2014, according to latest data from the US Fire Administration (USFA). Fires caused over 3 400 deaths and nearly 16 000 injuries and cost nearly 12 billion US$.

Low smoke non-halogen conduits for public safety

DELIKON, global specialist in conduit solutions for facilitating, housing and protecting cable installations in construction, continues to extend its range of “Low Smoke Halogen Free” (LSHF) products. These are particularly adapted to public buildings exposed to fire risks where protection of people, data and installations is paramount, such as transport terminals, shopping malls, banks, computer centres, schools, hospitals …

pinfa79 labels

PIN self-extinguishing durable labels

CILS (Computer Imprintable Label Systems), international leading producer of labels for electronics, electrical components and other product, has launched CILS-8100FR durable fire-safe labels. The new labels are “durable” (resist chemicals and solvents, temperatures from -55 to +155 °C, abrasion, cleaning agents).

pinfa79 car

ICL SAFRTM FR exposure and hazard assessment

ICL-TP has developed a methodology and tests to assess risks related to use of flame retardants in their applications (see also pinfa Newsletters n° 61 and 76), considering both their hazard and their exposure. The method takes into account four levels of substance hazard and three levels of exposure.