pinfa83 servo cables

PIN FR performance servo cables

Igus specialises since 1964 in high-technicity polymer components and assemblies for industry. The company has now extended its CHAINFLEX SERVO range with specialist cables for machine tools, offering specific profiles to ensure reliability according to machine tool needs: bend radius, travel distance, speed.

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EU research targets polymer recycling

The European Commission has announced nearly 30 million € funding for three large R&D projects into fibre and polymer recycling for the circular economy, each with a consortium of around 20 research institutes and industry participants.

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Bio-sourced phosphorus FR for epoxy resins

Isosorbide can be readily produced from starch, which is widely available from plants such as wheat seeds or potatoes. It is a dihydroxyl ether (diether diol) which can be converted to isosorbide bis- phosphorus ethers (phosphates, phosphinates or phosphonates).

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Report on materials fire testing for offshore industry

SP Sweden (now RISE) has published an 80 page report proposing fire safety testing standards for materials used in offshore oil industry installations, based mainly on EU and IMO test methods.

pinfa82 brigit

BRIGIT: Recycled biopolymer PIN FR panels

The EU-funded BRIGIT (7th FP, see pinfa Newsletter n°31) project has successfully developed a new generation of PIN fire retardant, multi-layer, three dimensional panels for trucks and buses made of cellulose by-products from the paper industry.

pinfa82 FarbioTY

FARBioTY: PIN FR, recyclable, renewable composites

The EU-funded (LIFE) project FARBioTY (Fire and Ageing Resistance Biocomposite for Transportation industry) aims to develop new composite materials based on renewably-sourced flax fibres, with objectives of reduced energy consumption in production, mechanical performance, ageing resistance, low weight and environmental impact as low as possible.

pinfa82 house

3-in-1 PIN FRs for wood from MultiPro System

The EU-funded (LIFE) project FARBioTY (Fire and Ageing Resistance Biocomposite for Transportation industry) aims to develop MultiPro System, manufacturer of PIN fire retardants for wood and other porous materials, has developed two highest class (B-s1,d0) fire retardants for wood.

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Report: fire safety continues to drive need for PIN FRs

A study by Global Market Insights estimates growth of PIN flame retardant use by 7% per year to 2024, to reach 3.2 billion Euros. This is expected to be driven by increasing investment in construction combined with more stringent fire safety requirements, increasing use of polymers in automobiles and emphasis on environmental effects and recycling.

Phosphorus & recycled para-aramid fibres “green” FR

Aramid fibres offer high strength, temperature and chemical resistance, light weight and ageing qualities and para-amid fibres are inherently self-extinguishing. They are being increasingly used in a range of high-tech applications, resulting in a recycling challenge for recycling of the fibres.

pinfa82 covestro

Covestro lightweight fire safe materials for railways

With approximately 15,600 staff worldwide (calculated as full-time equivalents), Covestro is a world leader in performance polymers.