TMP pinfa workshoppinfa-TMP workshop - Fire Safety of E&E polymers and PIN FRS

23 February 2017,  Milano |  20 photos


pinfa at ISFMRT 2016 Chinapinfa Workshop at ISFMRT 2016 China

17 June 2016,  Changchun |  31 photos


pinfa bc workshop nov2015pinfa Workshop "Fire Safety Bruning questions" November 2015

3 November 2015 | 34 photos


picture1Fire Resistance in Plastics 2012

27-29 November 2012 | 3 photos


safetypinfa Workshop on “Building the future for flame retardants in E&E"

24 June 2010 | 23 photos


27 October 2010 | 12 photos



Video Links

Spread of fire: comparison of room fires between legacy and modern furnishings (Underwriters Laboratories)

Why seconds count, showing the rapid growth and spread of fire in a typical furnished home (International Association of Fire Fighters IAFF)

Room fire flashovers (National Citizen Corps, US National Institute of Standards and Technology)

With and without flame retardants: fire safety comparison of two sofas, UK (flame retarded) and Netherlands (not flame retarded, NL with English subtitles), Kassa TV

Flame retardants & fire safety -- Television sets with (Philips) and without (Thomson) flame retardants – burn test by Berlin fire service

Furniture Without Flame Retardants (US National Institute of Standards and Technology)

Open Flame Testing For Upholstered Furniture, US National Fire Protection Association 2013

Importance of flame retardants in electronics, Michael Roth, BASF, SKZ 2014 (in German)

BBC, Fake Britain furniture inferno 2014

Burning Questions, EU ENFIRO project, alternative flame retardants

Flame retardants & fire safety -- Construction products (SP Sweden)

Christmas Tree fire safety, US National Fire Protection Association

Bayer MaterialScience - Burning LCD TV set - Increased safety by flame retardants

Fire retardant fabric tests & fire safety video – showing how quickly a bedroom can be engulfed in flames if fabrics are not flame retarded (Whitacker Services)

pinfa - an introduction to non halogen phosphorus, inorganic and nitrogen flame retardants